Wow. 2018 kicked my butt. If i’m being open and honest and vulnerable, it was a terrible year. The worst year of my life probably. My dad passed away, I traveled back and forth between Michigan and California wayyyy too many times, my health went downhill, and it was just overall a year of really hard growth.

But looking back at these photos makes me SO HAPPY. There was so much joy and life in front of my eyes. As tired as I got this year, this is what keeps me pushing on. These moments are so so worth it.

2019 holds so much hope for me. I’m planning on moving back to Michigan full time. I will still be back to California a ton since I still do love it, I personally just need to live a quieter life with less stress and I think the move back to Michigan will bring that. I still want to book a handful of California weddings per year, too, but I am going to start limiting the amount of travel I do for work each year. I love to travel but I realized that as I get older, I would muuuuch rather just travel for fun and not for work.

So that’s where I’m at! Thank you to my 2018 couples and families…you guys distracted me from the bad and gave me joy when I needed it. And to my 2019 couples…IT’S GOING TO BE SUCH A GOOD YEAR! I’m so stoked for every single wedding I have booked this year. <3

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