Big Sur is such a healing place. Void of billboards, politics, cell phone service, and anger. You're forced to use a map to find where you want to go and life just feels simple there. It always helps me to step out of the stress, chaos, and anxiety in my daily life and it reminds me who I really am deep down. 

Every time I'm in in Big Sur, I'm reminded that someday I want to get married here. I want 20-30 of my closest friends and family to experience this magical place with me. I want a weekend together filled with hikes, good food, and laughter. That being said, i'm not even close to getting married, so that's all just a dream for now.

A few months ago I went to Big Sur with my friend, Jenna. We slept in my Subaru Outback and it poured the whole time. We fell asleep to the rain hitting the top of my car. We listened to inspiring podcasts together, talked about our goals and dreams, and hiked to an amazing waterfall deep into the woods. Our shoes were soaking wet at the end of the trip, but I drove home with new life in me. Here are a few photos from that trip.