Thinking about being in front of a camera for an hour probably gives you some anxiety. No? Just me? Okay. Well, if you're feeling nervous about it, this page is here to help you feel more at ease and make the best of your session.



1. Make a day date of it. Spend a little time together before the session to remember how much you love each other. Grab a drink together or do something you enjoy. The most genuine and real moments aren't going to happen if you both came from work and had a stressful day.


2. Forget the idea of a "photo shoot". Most people's idea of a photo shoot is an hour of uncomfortable smiling and weird posing. This isn't going to be like that at all. It's going to feel a lot like hanging out. I will probably only get one shot of you smiling at the camera (mom's love it!). The rest of the time I want you to be focused on each other and forget that photos are even being taken. Engagement sessions involve lots of walking, playing, and movement. There will never be a time where I just want you to stand still and pose.


3. Embrace the spontaneous moments. Embrace the wind blowing your hair around. Embrace your clothes getting a bit dirty. Embrace the imperfect. I promise it adds life to the photos. You'll have much for fun if you embrace it all and just let it go.


4. Be willing to be vulnerable. I can only truly capture you if you let me in. Remember how you interact when you're alone and don't hide it. Embrace who you two are together. How you laugh together and how you interact in the quiet moments. I will guide you and direct you, but you have to meet me in the middle and be willing to be open and be yourselves. Don't act like you think you should. Are you goofy? Are you calm? Don't hide it!


1. Be yourself. My favorite photos are ones where the couple looks and feels like themselves. I like to think of engagement sessions as photos of the two of you hanging out and being yourselves. The wedding day is for your fancier outfits. Keep it casual and keep it real.


2. Wear something comfortable. This is the most important thing. When you are constantly fixing your outfit, or wearing heels that slow you down, it's really distracting to the intimate atmosphere we are trying to create. Plus, we'll probably be doing a lot of walking, climbing on things, and chasing each other, so you'll want something you can move around in.


3. Think about your environment. If you're going to be doing a shoot in the desert, it would be best to avoid tan/brown colors, as they'll blend in. Think about what colors will pop against the location you've chosen. Also be sure that your outfits match the vibe of your location. If we're doing the shoot in the woods, it wouldn't really make sense for you to be all suited up or wearing heels and a fancy dress. A cute flannel and jeans would look much more cozy!


4. Avoid carrying too many things during the shoot. Leave behind any big bags or things you think you might need; you won't need it. We'll be walking around and moving a lot and I love to shoot the in-between moments. It's hard to catch the cute spontaneous moments when you're always making sure you have your bag with you.


Pick somewhere that you two feel comfortable in. That could be your house or along the coast of Big Sur. The location will affect the mood of the photos, so be sure to pick a place that you love and that reflects you. If you have an idea of what you want, but don't know exactly where to find it, I can help!


P.S. I am willing to go anywhere. Do you have a location idea in mind but think it's too far away? Please don't be afraid to ask. I will go anywhere for a great location.