“Amanda is a great artist, with an incredible eye for candid photography. She has an innate sense for framing that is leaps and bounds better than the (many) photographers I reviewed. What I love most about all her photos, is that she is able to capture the emotion of the day. She gets the big sweeping moments, the tiny details, and the unusual angles. Looking back at my wedding photos, it brings me right back into the day. Her photos are gorgeous, real, and fun. It is so incredibly difficult to find a photographer that is able to make moments look completely beautiful and natural. On top of her great talent, she is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. I love, love her to pieces - and I’m sure you will too!”




“My husband and I felt so comfortable working with Amanda! We felt like we connected with her right away because she's so genuine and makes photography fun. In the past, I've had experiences with photographers who are sharp in their approach, and that doesn't make for a fun experience (nor great photos). But with Amanda, you'll feel right at home, and it'll show in the beautiful, candid photos she creates! She even made the most of a moody weather day at our last shoot, encouraging us to embrace it, and even running through the pouring rain with us! Amanda is my go-to photographer!”




”We first met up with Amanda at a coffee shop that turned out to be inside a Kroger! We all had a good laugh about that and we knew she was a great fit for our day. The day of, she was organized and helpful and up for anything and we were happy with our choice! Then we saw our photos... and our world was rocked. She captured gorgeous portraits and beautiful traditional wedding photos that we were happy with! But what left us sobbing were the candid moments she caught of my dad wiping his eyes during our vows, my parents dancing together at our reception, and all of our guests enjoying our wedding day! Our wedding photos are something that we truly treasure. Also, on a business note, the money we spent on Amanda was by far the best money we have ever spent, the quality she delivered was priceless! Even if her packages started at a million dollars, she would be worth every penny. (Thankfully for us, they don’t!)”




“Amanda is absolutely incredible to work with. Her photos are beautiful, unique and everything we could have ever wanted. I wanted to be captured naturally and she did just that. She’s artistic, creative and just so talented. We had a blast taking engagement photos with her. Even the guests at our wedding commented on how she didn’t miss a single moment. I can’t stop looking at the photos. Hire her now!!”




“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda three times. The first time was on our initial meeting when we were lucky enough to share the same campsite and my husband and I were still just dating. I think we partly got engaged so that we could hire Amanda, the pictures she shared with us after the trip so perfectly and casually captured the joy we felt together. When we got engaged, Amanda was the first vendor we contacted. The second time we worked together, we had planned to have her come up to SF, where we live, but ended up convincing her to meet us in the desert, where we had planned a last-minute road trip, and she cheerfully obliged. She delivered stunning engagement photos in less than an hour of shooting. Such. A. Pro. The third time we worked together was our wedding day, a special whirlwind and emotionally-overwhelming experience, but Amanda’s calming energy reminded us to slow down and enjoy the moment. She was flexible with timing and locations when I was running behind schedule and simply got all the shots we wanted by communicating with us early and often leading up to the day. Amanda is so awesome that I wish we could get married all over again just to work with her more. We haven’t decided whether to start a family yet, but another photo sesh with Amanda is definitely weighing down the “pro” column. We can’t recommend her enough.”




“I cannot say enough good things about Amanda and her work. She photographed our destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico and did such an incredible job. It was a long, hot day but she was nothing but enthusiastic, patient, creative, funny, and warm. She directed us comfortably and confidently, but was also more than willing to explore my ideas too. She fit right in with our small group of family of friends and easily felt like one of crew by the end of it. I couldn’t be happier with our photos - everything from the timeliness, quantity, quality, style, and content. She captured our day perfectly. The little moments, the big moments, the emotions, the tiny details I was almost too busy to even notice at the time. Looking back at our photos is like stepping back in time and reliving the day, which is truly everything you can hope for from your wedding photography.”