Thank you so much for filling this out! These questions will help me to be fully prepared for your wedding day. Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to send me an email.

Please list a few people I can call on the day of the wedding in case of emergency.
Date of Wedding *
Date of Wedding
Getting ready
Are you doing a First Look? *
Feel free to let me know about anything else important here: Family heirlooms, personal letters or gifts between you & your spouse, etc.
If we run over our contracted time, do you want me to offer more time at the hourly rate? *
Sometimes schedules don't pan out and things run over. If the coverage time is about to end and the events on the schedule haven't happened yet, I will ask if you'd like me to stay an extra hour. If yes, you'll be invoiced after the wedding.
For Family Photos, do you want them taken at the altar/front of church or would you like me to choose a location? *
Do you want family photos taken before or after the ceremony? *
Please keep this to about 10-15 groupings. Be sure to include names so I can call them out.
Example: divorced parents, deaths, etc.
Do you want to do sunset photos? (Weather permitting) *
Example: lots of detail shots, plenty of photos of you & your BFF, etc.
Please list as many vendors as you can so I know who to give credit to. Ex: Videographer, Planner, Dress, Shoes, Makeup/Hair, Florals, Rentals, Caterer, Venue, etc.